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Wine of the Moment, 2003 White Rock Cabernet

Beth Ribblett

It is Sunday night, I've had a great day cycling, taking Sangi to the park, playing frisbee with Kerry, working on the blog, and of course, making pasta! I had a little bit of the pork ragu left from last night's lasagna as well as another pound of dough in the frig, so I made some quick fettuccine, Kerry did a beautiful salad and we were in for a delicious meal. But, what to drink? Kerry was in the mood for beer, which I seldom am, especially not when pasta is involved, so I decided to do something very unlike me and drink a Napa Valley Cabernet with my Italian dinner! But it wasn't just any Napa Cab...knowing I would be drinking it myself, I chose one of the 375ml bottles of White Rock Cabernet that we have on the menu at the bar.

Opening it up and putting my nose to the glass, I instantly remembered why I like the White Rock wines so much. They have a very distinct old world quality to them with their crisp acidity, spicy fruit, leathery notes and lower alcohol content and the 2003 Cabernet was absolutely gorgeous with the food. At retail, this is a $50 cabernet that you can enjoy at the bar for $14 a glass. While that may seem a bit steep, it is basically just a smidge above the retail price when you break it down and it is so worth the $14 and it gets even better if you buy the half bottle. But it is only available at the bar and quantities are extremely limited.

It was scrumptious and great to the last sediment filled drop. Gotta luv it!

Winemaker's Notes: “ The 2003 White Rock Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich and ripe vintage. It has a complexity of cassis, plum and dark fruit with undertones of oak and leather. It is textured and multilayered and its mouthfilling character remains throughout to a long full finish. Present tannins promise excellent ageability.”