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Beth Ribblett

Chef Josh Smith nailed the pairings last week at our annual Tre Bicchieri Italian wine dinner held this year at a Mano. Combined with Antonio's humorous and informative presentation of the amazing award winning wines, and the company of 50 very appreciative diners, I think it is safe to say that a great time was had by all! While I enjoyed each course, I have to say my favorite in terms of food and wine pairing was the fresh pasta with lamb ragu paired with the Feudo Maccari Saia Nero d’Avola from Sicilia. The staff at a Mano did an excellent job and we are all ready talking about what we want to do together next...and FYI my culinary idol, Lidia Bastianich, was in town last week for a book signing and decided that the place she had to go to for Italian food in New Orleans was a Mano...if you haven't been there yet, get there soon. I promise you'll be impressed!

Chef Joshua Smith discussing the 1st course

Winemaker Hugh Davies of Schramsberg joined us last Saturday (5/29) for a delicious tasting of their sparkling wines and surprised us all with his Napa Valley Cabernet, the J. Davies.  Not sure how we would do with a Saturday night tasting during NOWFE, we were all surprised by the 40 or so people that showed up to meet Hugh, who by the way was a wonderful host.  A big thanks to Republic and our friends from Wilson Daniels for a great event!

Winemaker Hugh Davies at Swirl

The launch party for Vending Machine Wines was a huge success and the wines flew off the shelves!  We were fortunate enough to secure a few more bottles of each so if you missed the event, we still have a little more in stock!  Congratulations Neil and Monica, the wines are stunning and we are very excited for you and your new project!  Cheers!

The beauty and brains behind VMW, which is which?

The very clever human wine bottles sporting their unforgettable labels!

Neil awaiting his next victim...

A very crooked mayor fondling another crooked mayor

Monica making up some story about something....

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