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What can I do to help you today...Erin Rhoads

Beth Ribblett

Awhile back I did a series of posts on our amazing staff, the heart and soul of the store. We've had a change or two since then so I wanted to update you on the current, hardworking, wine loving people who help us help you.  While we can fill our space with great products, do good deeds through our community work and support  local artists and businesses, it is our friendly, helpful, professional, knowledgeable team that truly set us apart! Because without the warm, positive vibe created by those who work here, Swirl would be just another wine shop!  

Erin Rhoads has been with us for quite awhile now.  But when Matt Snyder departed for the greener grasses of Gentilly to focus on his family and true career, she decided to take on a bigger role in the shop.  And we're so happy to have her! 

What are some important, more personal, non wine related things about you?  
I grew up on a cherry farm in Northern Michigan, and after a brief post-college stint (German and Marketing major) at a wine bar in Edinburgh, Scotland, I spent 10 years in Chicago. I fell in love New Orleans before I'd even visited through the friendships I developed with Katrina-transplants who bided their time in the cold Midwest while their true homes were being rebuilt. If you have an open heart, it's easy to be woven into the fabric of the magical place, and that has definitely been the case for me. A couple of fun facts: I'm a classically trained violinist (although terribly rusty now), and a trained Pastry Chef.

What are your hobbies?
Gardening and cooking are two of my favorite ways to relax - I'm a huge homebody! I'm also a sports fan, and when I'm not rooting for the Saints, I'll be cheering on my Michigan teams. I also recently began volunteering as a Docent for school groups at The Ogden Museum of Southern Art and have been thoroughly enjoying viewing art through the eyes of children!

What are your favorite wine regions for reds, whites, rosé?
Red: I'm a huge fan of all wines from Campania, but the reds are especially dear to me. I think that the volcanic soils of that region produce perfect "food" wines. White: The Columbard/Ugni Blanc/Gros Manseng blends from the Cotes de Gascogne are perfect for our humid climate. Rose': Provence is the classic region for Rose', but I've been really enjoying the richer Rosatos from Southern Italy this season.

What is your current favorite red, white, bubbly in the store right now?
Red: The Alois Settimo from Campania in the Earthy/Zesty section is to die for. I recently had the pleasure of revisiting it, and have been kicking myself for not recommending it more! White: The El Perro Verde Verdejo in Crisp/Lively is a steal of a wine and perfect for a summer pool and patio gatherings. Bubbly: We just brought in the Pol Roger NV Brut and it's a delightful champagne: powerful and full-bodied, yet still finessed and balanced.

If you could pick any wine from the indulge section right now what would it be?
The 2009 Travaglini Gattinara from Piemonte offers a light bodied Nebbiolo that is immediately drinkable and quite enjoyable, even during summertime in New Orleans!

What was you best recent food and wine experience?
Mine is more of a Wine and Weather experience. I recently enjoyed a couple of glasses of the Broc Cellars Old Vine Carignan on the porch on a drizzly Monday evening. Sometimes rain is the best thing to pair with wine!

And finally what do you like most about working in the wine biz?
One of the most rewarding moments in this business is reaching a point where you can break down complex concepts and theory into easily digestible chunks. I love educating customers. Of course, the more I study wine, the more I realize I have to learn. It is truly humbling.

Thanks Erin!
You can find Erin in the store Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and every other Friday.  We are also working on putting her culinary skills to use for our special events and private parties - more on that later!!