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El Casey and Forbiddenly Funky Cheese

Beth Ribblett

photo by St. James Cheese
It's 4pm on Thursday.  I arrive back at the shop after running a few errands, expecting to find El Casey checking in our cheese order that was to be delivered during my absence.  Instead I find El Casey and Magic Matt behind the bar tasting the open bottles for quality control purposes, and they inform me that the cheese truck driver said he couldn't make our delivery because in doing so he would exceed the 14 hour limit for time spent on the road.  Knowing there were a few important items on the truck that we needed, I get in the mini and drive down Old Gentilly highway to the Motel 6 and meet said truck driver in the parking lot and make the exchange.  

My car reeking of pungent cheese, I arrive at the shop and the boys help me unload.  El Casey's gleeful giggle at the sight of the case that is source of the offensive odoriferousness makes me realize that by my own request he has managed to get a forbidden product in our case, a truly stinky cheese.

You see, I've asked Casey, our resident cheesemonger, to start a new project in the store with a featured regional/seasonal cheese and wine pairing.  His first selection happens to be Livarot cheese from Normandy, so wildly popular that the region holds an annual two day festival each August to celebrate their famous curds.  In choosing the Livarot, he neglected to tell me that it is one of the top 10 stinky cheeses of France!  

Anyway, he has chosen his cheese, picked his pairings and this week we will reveal the details of El Casey's first regional/seasonal pairing.  We are very fortunate to have such a talented and kooky guy in the shop, so stop by and have a chat with him, and please pick up some of this stinky cheese!!