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swirl and savor

I Colori del Blu

Beth Ribblett

The combination of an adventurous group and absolutely fabulous weather is adding up to a more active Positano vacation this year. Wanting to experience those crystal clear waters in every way, shape and form possible, a few of decided to check out the kayak rental situation on the beach.

I was able to get the group moving somewhat early so we took the beautiful walk down the 160 stairs to the center of town, stopping to pet the many smart cats that hang out by the Pescaria, checking out the local catch of the morning before heading around the bend to Spiagga del Fornillo. We stop at one of the first "snack bars" on the beach, del Ferdinando - a spot we've enjoyed on every trip we've made, to inquire about the kayaks on the beach. Here these snack bars have many purposes. Not only do they serve deliciously fresh local dishes, but they also have boats, changing rooms and those lovely colorful beach chairs with umbrellas for hire. The very happy, smiley guy who runs the place tells us 5 euros per hour per boat, no prepayment, credit card or waiver are required as they take us to the beach gives us oars and send us on our way.

Getting yourself on the water as well as in the water here on the Amalfi Coast is a must. From the gigante ferries that bring people back and forth to Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento, the expensivo boats and captains for hire and the do-it- yourself kayak, peddle boat options, there are many ways, at many price levels, to do so. But the view of the shore line from the sea is absolutely breathtaking so whatever option you chose, you will not be disappointed. Pastel colored stucco buildings hanging on to steep hillsides, rocky ledges jutting out into crystal clear water, the cars traversing the Amalfi Coast highway perched on the edge of the cliff, beckoningly beautiful faraway islands, it is really a sight to behold.

Probably the most enticing part of this is experiencing the water itself. Clear enough to see the bottom from great depths, a cleansing salinity that could float an elephant and the most amazing shades of aqua and Mediterranean blue you've ever experienced, it literally draws you in and very reluctantly allows you to exit. So as we paddle along the bay, watching the colors change from one brilliant blue to another, I make a promise to myself to be in and/or on the water everyday of this trip. Combined with my other promise to eat gelato everyday, these should hopefully balance each other out and I won't BE that elephant by the time I leave!

Today's activity is hike in the Latari mountains along the Sentiero Degli Dei, Walk of the Gods, with a side trek that allows us to finish on Spiaggia Arienzo for a quick dip before we take the little wooden boat back to Positano. Ending with a creamy gelato at Buca di Bacco, it should be a picture perfect day!

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