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Gambit Reader's Poll, Best of New Orleans!

Beth Ribblett

The Gambit Reader's Poll is a great way to show your love and support for your favorite local businesses!  We've got one incredible neighborhood here in Faubourg St. John and if you like what is happening, let people know! Are you fans of Lux Salon's services or cocktails at Pal's?  Enjoy eating at your local neighborhood restaurants like Cafe Degas, Toups Meatery, Lola's, Santa Fe, Nonna Mia or Serendipity?  Chillin' with coffee and pastries at Fair Grinds? Makin' groceries at Terranova's or Canseco's?? How about dog grooming and premium pet foods at Fetch!?  Gift shopping at SOPO or sporting goods at Massey's? And maybe you love hanging out at a certain little wine bar/shop called Swirl? Let them know! 

Yes, it does take awhile to fill out, and you have to complete at least half of it for your vote to count.  But this year one online voter will receive a $460 prize pack that includes a stay at the Hotel Modern, along with dinner at Tivoli & Lee and drinks at Bellocq. You don't have to fill out every category on the ballot, but only those ballots which are at least half-completed will count (and will be eligible for the prizes). And you don't have to complete the ballot all at once, but can come back to it at any time. Voting concludes Aug. 2.

So how 'bout grabbing a cup of coffee and settling in with your computer or ipad and fill it out.  Truthfully,  it only takes about 20 minutes! Click on the link below and happy voting!!