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Tips for Your Hollygrove Box

Beth Ribblett

This is the second time we've ordered the Hollygrove Box and I am really excited by the contents this week!  One of the things that is great about this box, besides the fact that the produce is about as fresh as it can be and that we are supporting local farmers, is that it makes us be creative with fruits and veggies that we may not normally purchase.  Kerry has coined it as "thinking inside the box" and I just love experimenting, looking up recipes online and talking to others about what they've done with the contents of their box. 

This week for our $25 we got Baby Purple Cabbage, Beets, Green Onions, Strawberries (from Fekete Farm-Hungarian Settlement),  Sweet Potatoes (from MS), Popcorn Rice (from Campbell Farms-Gueydan), Organic Grapefruit (from Shwars Citrus- Braithwaite), Organic Naval Orange (from L’Hoste Citrus-Braithwaite), Natural Arugula, Natural Kale (from HM&F-NOLA), White Button Mushrooms (from Red Hill Mushroom-Independence), Roma Tomatoes (from Barrilleaux Farm-Cut Off), Natural Microgreens (from Good Food Farm-NOLA) plus I ordered a dozen Farm Fresh Eggs to be delivered with my box.  You can add a few other things as well to your online shopping cart before you check out, like milk, polenta, grits and more, that will be delivered to the shop with your box.

So as we experiment with new things and recreate some familiar favorites, I just wanted to share some ideas on what to do with whats in the box...

As I was on my run this morning I decided we had to have omelets for breakfast as there is nothing better than fresh eggs!  So I stir fried some of those green onions with the button mushrooms in a little olive oil seasoned with salt and pepper until soft. I then whisked three eggs and put them in another skillet on a low to medium heat skillet with olive oil and butter.  I slowly cooked the eggs, added the mushroom and onion mixture and added shredded aged Gruyere cheese, folded it over and topped with some of the fresh tomatoes and micro greens.  Dish it out with a sprouted grain English muffin and some sliced grapefruit and you have one delicious meal!

Kale can be hard to get right but I've found that blanching first takes the bitterness out, makes the tough greens super tender, and somehow locks in a beautiful, deep green color that’s better than what you started with! It is chock full of vitamin A, and has respectable amounts of calcium, iron, protein, potassium, and vitamin C, not to mention all the phyto-nutrients in that dark green pigment! Try this, I've even had two teenagers tell me they never knew kale could taste so good!click here for my Tender and Delicious Kale post!

Kerry used golden beets for this Beet and Arugula Salad, but any beet will do!  You've got all the veggies in the box, arugula, micro greens, beets and onions so it will be easy to recreate!  Click for the recipe, Sundays are Best.

Photo from Williams Sonoma

During one of our summer beach trips, our friend Rachel made broiled grapefruit.  I'll never forget how the crunchy sugar top gave way to the cool tangy citrus center.  This is not her recipe, but something similar that will get you hooked! Check out the Williams Sonoma recipe here for Broiled Grapefruit.

Now we're trying to find something different to do with that beautiful head of purple cabbage besides slaw!  I'll let you know what I come up and feel free to give suggestions...and if you haven't ordered a Hollygrove box yet, you really should, it's good for your body and your soul!  For directions on how to order a Hollygrove box of fresh local produce, check out my post, Think Inside the Box.