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Merci Beaucoup! 2009 Moises Mes Amis Pinot Noir Release

Beth Ribblett

It was March of 2003, and local doc James Moises had just one week to turn his newly acquired 10 acres of land into a vineyard.  The eternal optimist, he didn't think twice about trying to handle the back breaking task with just two other guys, but luckily his friends back home thought better.  So they came to Oregon, eight New Orleanians who didn't know a thing about planting a vineyard, but wanted to help their friend accomplish his dream.   In the cold pouring rain they worked to mark the rows, pound the posts, drill the holes and plant the vines.  They worked from sun up to sun down in mud up to their knees and they accomplished their goal: 10,000 vines in the ground in one week. Pretty serious business for a bunch of amateurs!

In the fall of 2009 James was able to harvest the vineyard for the first time and he named the bottling "Mes Amis" as a tribute to those who put their lives on hold for a week to help a friend.  And now after two years of bottle and oak aging, he's ready to let his friends and you, literally taste the fruits of their labor and try his 2009 Moises Mes Amis.

Come to Swirl on December 1st to hear the story, meet the friends who were there when it all started, and of course taste the wine!  We'll be pouring lots of Mes Amis for free from 6:00 to 7:30, and all of James' other Pinots, including the fabulous 2008 releases will be available at the bar for $9 a glass.  If you've ever been to one of James' release parties at Swirl, you know your glass is never empty and the store is always full...