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When Life Gives You Lemons...

Beth Ribblett

A few years ago Kerry and I decided to take advantage of our subtropical climate and plant a few citrus trees.  Our tiny yard doesn't allow for much so we planted an orange tree in the front yard, a key lime tree in a pot on the front steps and a meyer lemon in the back.  Well the orange tree has been struggling since day one, too much wind, fighting with the grass for nutrients, sadly we may have to take it up soon.  The key lime has given us enough to make some great Sunday night cocktails but it is the Meyer lemon tree that has really thrived this season.  We have about 30 big, beautiful and incredibly juicy lemons that are, of course, all ready to be picked.

Meyers are different than regular lemons.  They were identified in 1908 by Frank Meyer and are thought to be a cross regular lemon and a Chinese mandarin.  They are more round, have a beautiful smooth but thin, deep yellowy colored skin with a slightly orange tint. Meyers have a wonderful tangy aroma and are sweeter and less acidic than the standard lemon give you twice as much juice.

So in wondering what to do with all of these lemons, I found this great post from the LA Times on 100 Things to do with Meyer Lemons. And while many of the recipes are tempting, the one I may do first is the Meyer Lemon and Cardamon Ice Cream...anyone have an ice cream maker I can borrow?