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A Day in Positano

Beth Ribblett

View from my run this morning
With the help of a little lunesta (thanks Elizabeth!) and a lot of potent espresso, I've manages to adjust to 7 hour time difference pretty well. After that lovely cup of morning coffee on the balcony I decided I would go for a run around the village. Coming from Pennsylvania, I've done a bit of running in the hills, but the steepness of the roads here is literally breathtaking! But absolutely with the effort!
Spiagga del Fornillo

After a little breakfast Kerry and I went to spiaggia del fornillo, the smaller beach near the town where all of the locals go. To get there you first take around 300 steps down an old stone staircase to the main beach and then a gorgeous tree lined pathway along the coast takes you to this small pebbly beach. The water is a stunningly clear pale blue green, so silky on your skin, and with a buoyancy like I've never experienced. After a quick cool dip and some great people watching we trekked back over in to town and stopped at Bar Mulini for a quick macchiato and the best pistaccio gelato I've ever eaten!

We decided to eat lunch at the villa today and stopped at the little alimentari for freshly baked ciabatta bread. Add some delicious prosciutto, local ricotta salata, basil and tomatoes from the garden at villa le sirene, a little olive oil and you have lunch made in heaven!
local cheese stuffed with olives and smoked

Naps were next on the agenda followed by a little grocery shopping for the dinner that we were cooking for everyone. We picked up locally grown veggies, some pasta and cheap vino for the main course, but needed a little something to hold us over. We found this amazing local cheese that is stuffed with green olives then smoked that was just crying to be put on some bruschetta. A little day old focaccio, some crema de pomodori topped with that cheese was a delicious slice of local life!
I made a simple pasta with the veggies and Kerry did a rucola salad with cherry tomatoes but Chiara, who owns the villa with her husband Giuseppe, provided the finale, a gorgeous almond cake that she baked herself. Both beautiful and delicious, it sent us to bed completely satiated and anxiously awaiting what Monday would bring.
Beautiful cake from Chiara

We've hired a boat and driver for the day to takes us around the coast, how great is that!
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