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A Visit to the Other Side of the World, the Hong Kong Food Market

Beth Ribblett

I took some time off on Wednesday for Kerry and I to take a trip to the other side of the world, the West Bank, and pick up some supplies at the Hong Kong Food Market. If you’ve never been and you like to cook Asian food, or are just interested in the culture, it is definitely worth the trip. Because it’s not just a market, but basically an Asian themed strip mall with a restaurant, bookstore, tea shop, salon, and many other mainly Vietnamese owned businesses.

We both love Vietnamese food so came hungry knowing we could grab a little lunch at Pho Dahn 4, House of Noodle located right next to the market.
While a bit utilitarian in atmosphere, the food is fresh, light with a very inexpensively priced noodle dish based menu. We split an order of their delicious spring rolls, fat with lots of crisp lettuce, noodles, pork and perfectly steamed shrimp followed by noodle soups served with the traditional side plate of fresh bean sprouts, lettuce, basil and jalapeno peppers. I got the Pho Ga, a simple chicken and rice noodle dish with onions and herbs in a light broth. A perfectly healthy start to our shopping excursion!

As you enter the market, there are aisles and aisles of dried and preserved goods, lots of sauces and flavorings, more types of dried seaweed than you can imagine exist, every flavor and brand of Ramen, an Asian cookware section, frozen goods, a bakery and more.Thai, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese products await as we walk down each one just to be certain we don’t miss anything! The main reason we are there is for some of the Thai curry pastes we love so much, but we can’t help but check out the fresh fish, smoked meats and all of the other goodies lining the shelves.

The produce section is what I get most excited about, loaded with more types of bok choy than I knew existed, lots of exotic vegetables and fruits, herbs, and a section of locally grown items as well. The beautiful thai green eggplants, caught my eye and I knew I needed to design an dish around them, and I just had to have some of that delicious looking bok choy!

We left loaded with things we would never find at our local grocery stores and excited about cooking something different for dinner. Check out what we came up, Thai Green Eggplant and Chicken Curry and Sauteed Bok Choy Salad. And the next time you find yourself on the West Bank with a little spare time, be adventurous and take yourself to the Hong Kong Food Market. Hopefully you'll be as inspired as we were!

Hong Kong Food Market

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