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Beth Ribblett

...offering tidbits of information on interesting discoveries in the food and wine scene of New Orleans.

a Mano - I was wowed again for the second time by Chef Adolfo Garcia's (a finalist this year for a James Beard award) southern Italian restaurant in the Warehouse District. A packed house on Saturday night, we sat at the bar and enjoyed creative cocktails, a great wine list with a southern
focus and some incredible food by Chef-partner Joshua Smith including one of their handmade pasta dishes. And yet to come, we will be holding our annual Tre Bicchieri Italian Wine Dinner here in May! We'll keep you posted...

Sante Fe - New ownership has taken over and many changes are happening! Besides the new exterior renovations adding a terracotta roofed patio with tons of atmosphere, amazing things are happening in the kitchen. While currently the menu is still the old Sante Fe standards, a major increase in quality has be brought to the food due to the standards of the new owners and their CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained chef in the kitchen. But listen to me when I tell you to order from the daily special menu! They will soon release a completely new menu, but the specials are where you get an idea of what is really happening here. I'll do an interview with the owners and chef soon, but seriously check them out!

Herbsaint - a big thanks to these guys for hosting an outing for the DC 8 (Matt and Lucie just had a baby so they missed the big night). They designed a fabulous 4 course special menu for us including a cool, refreshing cocktail and amuse, and put up with our loud and somewhat ridiculous behavior. Next up for the DC? Comfort food!