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Sake to Me, Baby!

Beth Ribblett

Needing to get the menu set for our upcoming sake tasting and food pairing, Chris Noyes sat down with Chef Dan Esses, Ron and me to taste through the lineup for next week. Hands down the best sake I've ever tasted, these are all new to the market and being brought in by Winebow. We were all blown away by the quality, complexity and individuality of the wines which inspired Chef Dan to come up with an amazing menu. Check it out below, but if you are interested, don't wait too long, we only have 8 spots left...504.304.0635.

Handmade Apple Pork Sausage over Braised Cabbage topped with Pickled Onion paired with Naba Shoten Futsuu-shu

Chef Daniel's BBQ Shrimp over Popcorn Rice paired with Suzuki Shuzoten Honjozo

Crab Salad over Fried Green Tomato paired with Akita Seishu Junmai Ginjo

Smoked Brisket with Spicy BBQ Sauce paired with Akita Seishu Junmai

Fish & Chips, Fried Gulf Fish with Handmade Sweet Potato Chips paired with Hinomaru Jozo Junmai Ginjo

Baked Oysters with Cheesy Mornay Sauce paired with Tenju Shuzo Junmai Daiginjo