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Champagne Dinner with Clovis Taittinger at Commander's Palace

Beth Ribblett

For over a year now we've been discussing a wine dinner with our friends Ti Martin and Dan Davis at Commander's Palace. Well I think this may be the dinner of all dinners as we've schedule October 8th as the date for our event featuring the wines of famed Champagne house, Taittinger hosted by non other than the man himself, Clovis Taittinger! So put it in your calendar and I'll announce the full details next week after we get together to determine the wines and the menu. But trust me, this is something you won't want to miss!!

We had the honor of meeting and dining with the youngest of the Taittinger family at the Ritz Carlton earlier in the year. The most humble of French aristocrats, Clovis presented 6 of his exquisite bubblies in the true European style of a four hour lunch. He also paid a visit to the shop on Saturday where he again shared incredible wine, cheese and conversation for a few hours before trotting off to his tasting at Ric Hoppers. We have always loved the Taittinger wines, but are now fans for life! Thank you to Penny Kelly, Kobrand and Clovis for the great wines and fabulous company! Taittinger at Swirl: La Francais (750’s and 375s) Prelude and Rosé (one of our absolute favorite Rosé bubblies ever!)