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Trust This Tip!

Beth Ribblett

Looking for the best coffee in NYC, the freshest fish in New Orleans, a great little hotel in Paris or simply a romantic spot to watch the sunset in Florence? A new edition to swirl and savor, T3 offers a weekly travel, food or wine related tip that you need to know about! These are not paid endorsements but simply tried and true tips for inquisitive minds.

This Weeks Tip!
Vacation on the beach, with your dog! – When we have the opportunity to sneak out of town for a few days, the beach is always a great option. However, the fact that most of the Gulf Coast beaches are not dog friendly, is an issue as we want to bring Sangi with us whenever possible. Our friend Nicole, another dog nut, gave us the number for Kevin Wendleberg at Relax on the Beach when we needed a get-away after Mardi Gras and we're hooked. Kevin owns several very nice properties in Fort Morgan Alabama where th
e beaches and the homes are dog friendly. But be prepared to truly relax as it is a quiet community, with no high rises, bars or restaurants. Just great sand, surf and lots of smiling canines!
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