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Trust This Tip!

Beth Ribblett

Looking for the best coffee in NYC, the freshest fish in New Orleans, a great little hotel in Paris or simply a romantic spot to watch the sunset in Florence? A new edition to swirl and savor, T3 offers a weekly travel, food or wine related tip that you need to know about! These are not paid endorsements but simply tried and true tips for inquisitive minds.

This Weeks Tip!
Best Way to Grow Tomatoes on Your Patio – Looking for a way to have delicious home-grown tomatoes and other fresh vegetables but lack a garden to grow them in? Self-watering container gardening is the way to go! The advantages to container gardening are many; they can be place in small sunny areas, you don’t have to dig up your yard, they are self-watering and some are self-feeding, there is no weeding, they inhibit mold growth as well as the invasion of plant-eating pests, they are more productive and are generally very low maintenance compared to in-ground gardening. You can build your own self watering containers (“Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers” by Edward C. Smith) or purchase pre-fab systems. After much research we settled on the Garden Patch Grow Boxes and picked our first tomatoes yesterday! The photo on the left shows our tomatoes and the right is from their website: