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Trust This Tip!

Beth Ribblett

Looking for the best coffee in NYC, the freshest fish in New Orleans, a great little hotel in Paris or simply a romantic spot to watch the sunset in Florence? A new edition to swirl and savor, T3 offers a weekly travel, food or wine related tip that you need to know about! Discovered during our travels and culinary adventures, these are not paid endorsements but simply tried and true tips for inquisitive minds.

This Week's Tip!

The Best Coffee Beans on the Planet! - We are coffee fanatics and have been roasting our own at home for years thanks to our friend Steve Murphy who introduced us to home roasting. Why do we do it? For the same reason people choose to bake bread at home, to make their own jams and jellies, to can their own vegetables and the brew their own ales and beers. It feels better. There’s something soul-fulfilling in making it yourself. It is pretty simple to do, takes about 10 minutes of your time and once you have the hang of it, nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes as good as coffee just off the roaster.

You can buy an inexpensive home roaster and the green beans to get started at They have a great site and are very helpful when you need advice. But be careful, because once you try it, there’s no turning back!