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Contemplating Chickens

Beth Ribblett

It's been brewing for a while now, our plan to take more control over our what we eat. We've always had a relatively healthy diet and are fully aware of the risks associated with eating the "American way". But lately it's taken a different turn as the economy's downward spiral makes the trips to Whole Foods happen less often. We've started to take advantage of our local produce at the Farmer's Market, Kerry is growing micro greens and sprouts and my next project is to plant herbs and vegetables, and possibly find us a few citrus trees. We'd like to become more self sufficient, sustainable. We're even contemplating chickens....

We also both love to cook and want the freshest, healthy ingredients possible. We are moving back to the old ways when people grew their own food and lived off their land. It's a very "old world" way of life and with all of the turmoil of the present, it seems like a more simple and gentle path.

We also both love wine and are always seeking that perfect pairing that happens when an incredible dish and a delicious wine make the meal sing. We're picky about restaurants and wine lists and most of the time we'd rather eat and drink at home. Great food and wine are important to us and we're trying to find a way to make a living out of it!

So I've created this blog to document those wine and food experiences that you don't want to forget. Be it at home, at dinner party, a little osteria in Italy or a hole in the wall diner in NewYork, I'm in pursuit of the perfect pairing and unforgettable dining experiences. Right now this is just for me, but who knows where it will lead....