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Duccio Corsini & Antonio Molesini Host Wednesday Nite Flites

Beth Ribblett

When I think about meeting Italian royalty, I envision a stuffy guy in a fancy designer suit, but maybe with an ascot instead of a tie - aloof and arrogant as truly privileged people can be (I've actually meet a marchesi from Piemonte who meets this description to a T!).  So you can imagine my surprise when a jovial man in jeans, a vest and button down shirt walked up and introduced himself to me, Kerry and my family while we were touring Principe di Corsini this summer.  "Il Duccio" was the complete opposite of my vision and previous experience. Humble, warm, friendly with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, he wanted to be sure we were enjoying ourselves and even sent me a personal email afterwards asking about our visit!

This week we're excited to have Duccio Corsini & Antonio Molesini host Wednesday Nite Flites.  The noble Corsini family has held a prominent place in Tuscan history since the 1100's.  Once the largest landowners in all of Italy the Corsini's prestigious and influential ancestors include a bishop, saint, and a Pope!  But Duccio is sure to charm you with his down to earth attitude, love of agricultural and belief that his wines are ideally paired with “good food and good company”! We'll be tasting a fantastic lineup of 4 wines -  
Le Corti Chianti Classico 2011 ($22.50)
Le Corti Don Tommaso Chianti Classico Riserva 2007 ($41.99)
Principi Corsini Birillo Maremma, 2011 ($20.99) 
Principi Corsini La Marsiliana Maremma 2006 ($68.99). 

The flite is $15 and we'll have Italian themed cheese plates available to try with the wines.  Reservations are recommended and you can do so here, Duccio Corsini.