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Trust This Tip!

Beth Ribblett

Looking for the best coffee in NYC, the freshest fish in New Orleans, a great little hotel in Paris or simply a romantic spot to watch the sunset in Florence? A new edition to swirl and savor, T3 offers a weekly travel, food or wine related tip that you need to know about! These are not paid endorsements but simply tried and true tips for inquisitive minds.

This Weeks Tip!
Did you know that sprouts are considered super foods? Not only are they packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, they contain enzymes that are released from a seed as it germinates and sprouts. These enzymes are beneficial to digestion and to cell regeneration. Why grow your own? Economic savings, freshness, quality, ease of digestion, oxygen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, no pesticides or chemicals and they taste great! Kerry got in to sprouting last year and they are now a daily part of our diet. She bought the Easy Sprouters and seeds at and has been using them ever since. It takes only a few days and very little work to have fresh sprouts as a part of your diet. Check out the photo below of Kerry's latest mix: